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I like to dress up as a doggy

Purple Kitsune
My name is Galena, but you can call me Kitsune (because everyone else does). I love meeting new people and making friends, especially though things like fursuiting. You don't want to be my friend, though. I'm a terrible person and I'll probably never post anything interesting/worth reading. Honestly. I also like to talk in a British accent and speak lolcat.

Pet's name: Miyakuta
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Pet's name: Hiei Kurama
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Pet's name: Popple
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2002, 3 doors down, animal crossing wild world, animals, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphics, any old disney movie, anything from studio ghibli/miyzaki, asuka ota, avril lavigne, aya hirano, bach, basshunter, beef jerky, beethoven, being a doggy, being silly, big pants, billy and mandy, black, border collies, button mashing, caramell, cardigan welsh corgis, cartoon doggies, cartoons, chowder, coldplay, costumes, cuddling, cute things, daft punk, doggies, dogs, donna lewis, dragonforce, drawing, electronic beat music, emoticons, evanescence, exclaimation points, finger eleven, fire, flapjack, fluffy things, footpaws, foster's home, fox tails, foxes, fur, furries, furry art, furry conventions, furry watching, fursuit making, fursuiting, fursuits, genesis, german shepherds, gigi d'agostino, glow-in-the-dark, goggles, green, hans zimmer, hellsing, how-to books, hummingbirds, huskies, hybrid animals, hybrids, i ♥ tails, industrial music, invader zim, kazumi totaka, kelly clarkson, koji kondo, labradors, linkin park, listening to music, listening to rain/thunderstorms, long hair, making clothes, mandy moore, manga, mechanical pencils, mozart, music, mutts, nickelback, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, no friends, not yiffing, obsessing, ojamajo doremi, owl city, pawpads, paws, peter gabriel, photography, pirates of the caribbean, plastic animal figures, playing in the woods, playing video games, pokemon, pop rocks, powerpuff girls, punctuation, puppies, science fiction/fantasy, seal, shiba inus, shiny things, silence, sled dogs, snow patrol, snuggling, sparkly things, spiked collars, story of the year, surprises, susumu hirasawa, tails, taylor swift, techno, techno-industrial, the beatles, the furry fandom, the matrix, the moody blues, tokyo mew mew, tummies, tummy rubs, vanessa carolton, voice distortion, wearing a tail, wolves, yui